Want to know more about EliteEssayWriters.com? Check out this review!

EliteEssayWriters services

Want to know more about EliteEssayWriters.com? Check out this review!

College life comes with a struggle: there are so many things to do, and your free time seems to shrink all the time. In spite of that, somehow, the things you have to do seem to pile up, which leads to stress and anxiety. Many a time, this is caused by complicated, lengthy academic assignments that occupy a lot of your spare time.

In this case, contacting a professional company that supplies academic help seems like a sensible choice. And it is – as long as you make your decision accordingly. This is why I took my time to make review of EliteEssayWriters.com. Whether you’ve heard of this company or not, you should read my evaluation before placing an order on the official website.

Introducing EliteEssayWriters.com Services

If I was to assess the variety of the services available on EliteEssayWriters.com, I could say that there is a comprehensive selection of services. In other words, Elite Essay Writers can help you with anything ranging from the standard essay to case studies, reviews, coursework, lab reports, multiple-choice test-taking, admission essays, CVs, resumes, dissertations, and some others.

Evidently, such a large list of services entails a proficient, large writing staff. Reliability and quality are the things I look for whenever I evaluate an essay service. And even though the variety of services is a good thing, I was quite disappointed by what this firm has to offer.

Customer Feedback

Before I talk about testimonials and customer reviews, I’d like to say that there are many grammatical errors on the website. This was the first thing that made me question the reliability of Elite Essay Writers. In my opinion, this is unacceptable coming from a company that intends to help students get better grades, not the other way around.

Moving on to the essay samples available on EliteEssayWriters.com, they are abominable, as well. I was quite surprised that the company didn’t direct any effort into creating top-quality writing samples that would convince students to choose their services. That’s what I would expect, at the very least, considering the competitive nature of the essay writing market.

As for the reviews I came across, they presented the same concerns. For one thing, students were disappointed that the writers didn’t seem to be prepared for the tasks. And secondly, they outlined that picking EliteEssayWriters.com was a complete waste of time and money.

In spite of the fact that EliteEssayWriters.com states that the writers are qualified to complete even the most difficult assignments, the reviews, and my negative experience prove the opposite. This is primarily why most students gave this firm a low rating.

Prices and Discounts

Since I already talked about the writing staff and reviews, it’s time to talk about the pricing system. What should you expect in this respect? Firstly, the prices begin at $9.97 in the case of a basic essay. Nevertheless, the higher the academic level, the higher the price – that being said, for a graduate paper, you might end up paying as much as $56 per page.

Even so, this isn’t the most expensive rate on the website. I was quite surprised to determine that admission essays are the priciest; the price per page could reach $156. Oddly enough, though, there aren’t any discounts or coupon codes, aside from a promo code that offers a 15 percent discount to all students.

All in all, would I recommend EliteEssayWriters.com? Considering all the aspects I’ve outlined beforehand, no. Without a doubt, there are more proficient companies out there, which invest a lot in hiring proficient writers. This is why I suggest you choose another firm.

EliteEsayWriters Review


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